23 Aprile 2024

PREVIEW F/W 2021.22

RESILIENCE (Psychology): Psychological resilience is the ability to mentally or emotionally cope with a crisis, and to recover from difficulties by rebuilding a new life, looking at the positive opportunities and not alienating one’s own identity.
Ge-fin transforms this emotional lexicon in the Fall/Winter 21.22 Collection, thanks to a sustainable luxury, craftmanship and refined techniques.
Today, more than ever, we need to revalue the product in all the details, according to the traditions and the excellence of the Made in Italy.
Quarantine allowed our Planet to breath again and Nature to take back its spaces.
Ge-fin Fall/Winter 21.22 Collection is a union of research, respect of the environment and a renovated tradition,which has made our country an excellence of the world handcraftmanship and manufacturing.



Lights and Shadows characterize the degrading warm and calming colors.
Black on pytons becomes an essential color, not seen as a mood, but as a form of elegance of a detailed accessory.
Unique. New graphics, crossbreedings.
The light points are heightened. Total shine. Transparent and luxury crocodiles. Total mat, waxy and casual.
Tone-on-tone perfect combinations, glazed as per natural process.
Shiny/mat nuances, dry and wet looks.


Worn by the time surfaces mould into precious leathers simulating corrosions, rusts. Brushed by skilled hands of ancient goldsmiths.
Metal becomes extremely flexible on scarf like lamb skins or on rich automotive design bases.
Transparency , mildness and deepness characterize the new iridiscent metal colour proposals by Ge-fin.
New and unexpected tones melt on the same colour producing new nuances , robotic and futuristic shades.


Contrasting textiles and leathers create new and improbable volumes.
Graphic elements on relief rich fabrics with glossy and waterproof finishes, three-dimensional , transparent , pressed textures.
Wool-like effect , flocked insert sticked on smooth and shine surfaces.
Macrame’ , lace, tweed and mini pattern on cut-through prints produce classic materials inspired by the 70’s pret-a-porter.
Denim effects with antiqued patina on graphic base looking like a fine recycled material.


Extensible and rubbery materials on a brushed off base.
Dark and mat patina to brush on metallic surfaces hidding micro textures of high performancing sport fiber.
Carbon and steel seem to be flexible, malleable and performing to create new shapes and designs.
New animalier textures inspired by the “hand-made”.
Pen , spray or watercolour : anything but unique and customized.
Metropolitan street art quotations , symbols, logos and icons.
Strange handlings, Doodle Art.
Leather accessories just like a canvas to draw.


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