18 Maggio 2024


SAFETY: Safety in the working places. Thanks to suitable areas we guarantee our staff to keep distances, hygiene and the use of equipments in a way that protects the worker’s health.
These workspaces have been recently built up and ensure safe areas – abt 200m2 each worker- plenty of rooms for all services, offering a good luminosity and appropriate volumes, to become more and more an eco-sustainable tannery.
CONSUMPTION/EMISSIONS: Our ultra modern facilities minimize the energy consumption and the emissions to the atmosphere.

Totally automated cycles to handle the acids, necessary to the tanning process.

Our drums, all in polyethylene, minimize the use of the rinsing water, and they are powered by mixers, which are replenished by pumps and allow to load the products mechanically in order to prevent a direct contact with the workers.

The spraying machines use low pressure guns, in order to reduce the emissions to the atmosphere, and adopt electronic control systems which continuously regulate the temperature and the engines power.

Our state-of-the-art cylinder machines for the coating don’t generate any kind of air emissions and so replace many steps of the finishing process.

Our digital machines (that we’ve been the first to introduce in 2001) allow to work the various typologies of hides in a different way, with the use of water-based dyes and without polluting losses, making our leather tannery an eco-sustainable tannery 4.0.
METAL FREE: In 2010 we started first the research and afterwards the production of METAL FREE leathers, when nobody believed yet that this type of tannage and its evolution would have represented the future for the tanneries. We’ve been able to produce articles that can be comparable to the chrome tanned hides, in a range from the firm and resistant half calves to the very soft goats and lambs.

The metal free tannage doesn’t mean for us to create a product with synthetic tannins, but to improve a tanning process which gives mechanical, chemical and tactile charachteristics to our leathers so that to be used in footwear, leathergoods and garments.

In contrast to the old way of chrome tanning the leather, our product, an icon of the ecosustainability, doesn’t create any problem related to the oxidation process.

The tanning value of our Metal Free is expressed by the TG 75. This value must be higher than 65/70, and corresponds to the shrinkage temperature. This ensures the best workability, durability and stability in the time. The articles of this line are colored and treated with products which guarantee the metal free characteristics to the finished leathers.
CHROME FREE: In 2015 our research evolves into the production of CHROME FREE leathers.
After several years of research we obtained a tannage which allows us, without the use of chrome, to obtain very firm leathers, also suitable to be embossed without the risk for the emboss of becoming flat during the traction process. The white color of the base allows us to obtain very clean and brilliant colors. Our target was to create a calf hide suitable for the imitations of the crocodiles, with mechanical, optical and tactile characteristics very similar to the genuine croco hides.
RESEARCH: In 2019 we started a deeper study of a strictly Metal Free tannage which brings down the water consumption and almost eliminate the chemical residue ,not absorbed by the hides, in the waste waters.
This is our next target and we are under “WORK IN PROGRESS”…more and more ecosustainable tannery.
Certificate ICEC
Certification of raw material traceability


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