23 Aprile 2024


AFRICA is the most beautiful thing existing in the world.
Its smell and its fake horses.
That is zebras, you never forget them.

Ge-fin imports S/S 2022 collection getting inspired by the most prosperous continent of our planet.
A return to the origins and the simplicity, without unnecessary needs.
A form of modern minimalism, distant from the artificial connections and urban influences.
The recent events show that the positive utopia has to become a reality and a long-term vision.
With romanticism we “disconnect” and, like felines on giant Baobab, we immerse ourselves in what nature offers us.
Africa is an emotion,but overall it’s the neuralgic hearth of the world essence we want to celebrate.
From civilisation to colors, from flora to fauna in all its naturalness.
Ge-Fin Collection Summer 2022 is characterized by the elegant and wild essence of the materials we want to celebrate and which evoke a liberating feeling in uncontaminated and pure environments….thanks to the human commitment.



Tactile naturalness and chromatic transparence on vegetable tanned leathers, with poor environmental impact pure and minimalist luminescences renovate a sophisticated vintage with animal prints as decorative elements.
Shabby materials improve its look thanks to the wear.
Refined wild details, wrinkle and crack texture grains which tell a story and enhance the unmistakable origin.
They last in time to be iconic first and then recycled.
Reliefs, natural imperfections, subtle color gradings, distant from the coldness and mass production.


Simplicity, relax.
The use of lights and shadows to underline shapes and grooves of a new product which recall nature and design.
Porous aridities of craquele’ grounds, sedimentary rocks, fossils dated to antique ecological eras.
Deposited dusts which draw coves of new patterns.
“Peach touch”, velvety, soft.
Chalk and talc make the colors fresh in new tonalities, with a sculpture value.
Not mat but veiled, they turn into contrasting performances and fadings of the same material, up to shiny excesses.
Surfaces which are animated by grains and reliefs create new concept of suede, characterized by neutral and calm tones.


Organic weaves, precious stones, fossil resins generated by centuries-old trees.
Numerous nuances of colors and lights like the inside of a gem.
“Foulard patents” on prestigious , soft and glazed, jelly-like leathers.
Precious materials, weaves and reptile embosses with a swollen,3D look, matelassè.
Convex shapes create new structures of scales so that to evaluate every little detail.
Natural breaks and cracks damaged by the time.
The White emerges from the water tables.
The Mother-of-pearl sparkles in a light blue, pink and yellow fluorescence.
This color essence favours the shapes, the strength of the volumes, of the unique, historical and contemporary materials.


Ode to the prosperity of the world living on the earth and under the oceans.
Balanced chaos of natural, expressive explosions.
Giraffes, zebras, wild leopards, ethnic culture, costumes.
It’s a return to the origins thanks to textile techniques, dyes and embroideries of the african continent, but tied to the spirit of our times.
Eccentric animal prints and bright colors mix with ebony, orange and purple, the land of the sun.
Energetic, multicolor new interpretations , wax and batik.
Radiant metals, graphics typcal of the African Atelier.
Spike-like motives and geometrical blacks and whites inspired to the Kanga or to the floral and faunal themes of the Abomey Appliqué.
Silky, soft.
Full of light and feeling like celebrating.

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