14 Giugno 2024

PREVIEW F/W 2022.23

“The great thing about rock and roll is that someone like me can be a star” – Elton John


Ge-fin collection FW 22/23 expresses the joyful and liberating state of mind after the pandemic.
Human beings finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.
People wish to dare and not to renounce to their own comfort zone.
The vaccination campaigns and the easing of restrictions give hope for a gradual return to normality, with the possibility of going out and taking back the social relations.
Ge-fin FW22/23 Collection opens the doors of everybody’s home and breaks the virtual bubble, running to the discovery of what is really important for all of us.
Human warmth, contact.
We’ll be heir of a past time which has made us more fragile and for this reason more real.
We’ll get back our freedom and when we’ll go out to see a new sunrise, we’ll do it like the rock stars.


A bolt out of the blue.
Strong, bold and flashy colors mix themselves with black and white.
Simple and attractive surfaces,mat or shiny, bring cultures, contemporary arts, traditional handcraft together.
Decorative and urban arts of every age and continent.
Fluo pigments like details of lights and shadows recall the hard current historical time.
Funny, eccentric but at the same time sophisticated and innovative materials.
Memories of old neon signs and strobe lights which reveal surprising fluo graphics.
Light is seen in a more conscious and sustainable way.
We feel like we need to wear technological but at the same time refined and elegant accessories, our glorious past emerges


Simplicity with charachter, search for the minimalism with elaborated textures.
Genuine products virtuously handmade with a precious aspect.
Leathers charachterized by undecipherable prints with the intention of creating futuristic and unexpected shapes and surfaces, which arouse the curiosity, attract and tempt for a touch, but still remaining undecipherable hybrids.
High shines or super mat and jelly-like materials reveal micro-grains and graphics enriched by underglass effects.
They allow further interpretations, thanks to the 3D and to the shading , tone-to-tone effects.
Pale whites combined with cold greys and beiges recall the mineral and natural tones of the leathers with no metals.


Create, reuse, remodel.
Materials wisely designed to last over time.
The word “upcycling” is the new motto, sustainability is the nature’s challenge against a respectful and conscious human being.
Every tone of green is valid.
Nature everywhere ,at home looking out the window or in the city, Chrome Free and Metal Free leathers show new tartan graphics from the 70s ; this textile adopted by the Highland inhabitants in the XVI century as a symbol of cultural membership.
Tartan raked up from old family wardrobes and redesigned in different shapes and colours.
Glove like soft surfaces with a casual look, sophisticated carvings with patented transparencies, visible and invisible , light and feathered touch. Important and intense contrasts , surfaces drawn by the colours of the texture.


Pandemic has tested everybody really hard , not only socially but also inside us.
The idea of luxury is changing , no longer showy , but emotional , elegant, comfortable.
“More is less” makes way to the research of high quality long lasting products, deep, versatile opulence , rich details.
Our glorious past awakes our liberties , our desire to go out , to wear , to take selfie and post like a Rock Star.
Black and deep blue soft and natural materials are mixed with rich though light details, bright like pearls and micro-glitters.
Animalier is inspired by urban decorative arts with unsual but attractive colours.
Leathers which remind of musical instruments , briar lacquering from guitars , metallic satin finish from Charleston.
Light is performed by electric blue , hot red, black , changing apparence to materials and to our mood.


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