18 Maggio 2024


  • "The heart of a man is much like the sea, it has its storms, its tides and in its depths it also has its pearls."

Vincent Van Gogh.


The GE-FIN COLLECTION SS24 represents the contact between the individual and the sea, dominated by wonder and amazement.
A dive into the elegance of the Marine Nature that through the journey and the escape from daily life, drops anchor in the absolute silence in the middle of the Ocean. The purpose is to create an enigmatic connection, feel the breeze, the taste of salt, the warmth of the sun on the skin.
The SS COLLECTION 2024, is a manifestation of pure, absolute beauty.

The materials come alive from a breath of life: The prints. Scenes of energetic and passionate colors, on the subtle line of a Sky Line at sunset. The GE-FIN COLLECTION SS24 is inspired by sea journey and the sense of freedom towards exotic and distant places.


Sophisticated palette of relaxing neutrals and organics. Shades of earth, clay and chalk, give a warm, romantic and passionate appearance to new leathers. Scene of holiday life, beach and relaxation, water and sand. Taste of the sea. Detailed revisitations transmitted on the skin and with the skin. Innovative printing and hole techniques recall the patterns of chaise lounges, soft and soft touches, evoke beach towels on the bank.
"Lost and Found." Meticulous attention in renewing and embellishing the traditional. Striped and nautical-inspired patterns, give to the leather an unusual but surprising and dynamic appearance. Straw, braids, Rafie and ropes.


In recent years, the nautical world has changed style and colors, moving towards a sort of aesthetic renaissance. The "Boat Style", very specific and highly elegant, is now highly inspiring, for the technical and innovative materials. Painted leathers with Moire' patterns, imitate the shiny, resinated or oily look of Teack. Iron parts of the boats, recall chrome-plated leathers. The oleographic aspects and the value of reflection predominate. 3D relief textures from mooring ropes, give life to new designs and shapes. Porous or rough details, but enhanced by delicacy. Primary level of bright colors but with subtle and progressive shades.


Shiny leathers, Glitter or sequin applications. Sparkling. Elaboration of classic materials embellished with artificial light points. Reflected rays on the sea or shining precious stones. The pursuit of the performance of micro or macro luminous details becomes the primary goal to embellish the accessory. The SS 2024 material proposal aims at the light and its reflections. Brilliant, excessive, but too original to be trash. New metallic color mixtures are born. The purpose is to embellish the surface with a changing and surprising appearance. Mineral chromatic aspects, precious stones, Opals. Romantic and iridescent new Rainbow color variants.


At this moment, seas and oceans offer inspiration in various fields of Fashion and Design. The sea is the place of freedom, a source of hidden treasures and wonders of Marine biology. Development of unique and fascinating deep-sea creatures. New kaleidoscopic maculae, mantas, and fish with unmistakable references. Watercolor shades, ocean effect prints, and floating lines evoke the movement of sea waves. Wavy leathers, with a glossy, wet finish. Soft and slippery touch. Effects characterized by bright tones, depict portraits of microorganisms that, thanks to their sinuous shapes, recall the delicate curves of shells. Restyling of scaly effects in a Fantasy key.

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