23 Aprile 2024

PREVIEW F/W 2023.24

“Elegance is not a quality but a manifestation of the soul that becomes visible to the world.”
Paulo Coelho


Ge-fin presents the F/W 23-24 Collection celebrating Elegance , not as a peculiar quality of someone or
something but as a reason for refined sophistication.
We think of Elegance as the perfect combination of spontaneity, care and simplicity to transmit the highest quality of
being and not of appearing.
True Elegance is rather a refinement over time ; what we could indicate as the result achieved by great
artisans who have offered their customers products of the highest quality for decades,
by constantly improving these and the processes of environmental sustainability.
Ge-fin F/W 23-24 Collection is featuring precious, sensual and distinctive elements for a feeling of absolute glamour.


Evocation of old prints of the 70s and 80s sofas, with an innovative and contemporary design.
Fine finishes and precious materials, which recall luxury and extremely elegant living rooms.
Wall papers, brocades, draperies inspire new leathers with a different and unusual style.
It is the triumph of three-dimensional prints recalling precious tapestries and refined heavy fabrics.
Baroque-Floral elements embellished with laser processing.
Material aging and surface contrasts.
Partial laminates as precious threds , revisiting micro-velvets on sumptuous and glamorous rococo’.
Leathers in warm colours , with golden reflections, eccentric but not excessive, certainly of great impact.


The celebration of light in a surprising and unexpected way.
Effects inspired by led, digital and optical fibers.
Integrated connections located inside objects or urban night places.
Dark Fluo chromatic characteristics lend the patent leathers a two-dimensional aspect,
bringing out volumes and details in the backlight.
Lights and shadows highlight the 3D, the shape of a color which changes facetings and movements.
Laminated and washed leathers, with an elegant aspect and an architectural graphic inspiration.
Flexible and elastic, soft and comfortable.
Brushed off, polished and performing leathers recall the new baroque patent coating with hints of pale metal in different tones.
Transparencies of black overlapping digital patterns.


Unusual, new and revisited, are the adjectives for the search leading to the development of innovative leathers.
Reinventing the productive and industrial processes with hybrid technical procedures.
A strong connection to the “unusual” between the past of the tradition and the digital future.
Deep engravings and 3D reliefs.
New anatomies dedicated to inclusion, to the variety of semi-rigid but ultra-light leathers with a tactile memory,
hand-worked, with irregular surfaces which characterize fabric textures of a strong and elegant identity.
Particular attention is given to the paper materials in all its shapes and facetings.


The graphic tailoring in a joyful key.
Traditional fabrics and threads like tweeds, pinstripes and jacquards, are projected from the elegance of the past times
to the new Twenties of this millenium.
Classic and everlasting accessories from the wardrobe of a Gentleman with a new modern expression of precious
and daring textures discovering shapes and styles which are different but made with a sophisticated
and almost forgotten elegance.
“New Dandy” handmade materials, leathers enriched with a mix of manual and technological techniques.
Engraved brush off, precious patent and brillé flock leathers.
Crossings of breeds, techniques and styles dedicated to mens and womens loving the elegance and with a
pronounced sense of creativity.
Rich and vivid colors, intense and bright tones.
Black is a must, in combination with an electric blue, ruby red and emerald green.

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